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Were you just served with a lawsuit or are you considering filing a family law matter? If so, selecting your attorney is the most important decision you have to make right now. Please review all of our client testimonials on Yahoo and Google and meet with more than one attorney if possible before deciding.

We understand that family related disputes are often full of conflict, high in emotion level, and a time of confusion for most. Our goal is to provide you with experienced legal representation to guide you through the process, reduce the conflict, and decrease the confusion while protecting your rights.

Our firm provides vigorous legal representation for our clients seeking help with issues involving divorce, child custody, child support, enforcement, modification, or grandparent rights.

We appreciate the fact that the legal process is a new frontier for most and we also understand that we are fighting for your family.

Before selecting which attorney is right for you, evaluate the attorney’s reputation in the legal community, their reputation in the online community, and have a personal one on one meeting to ascertain their qualifications and knowledge of family law to make sure they are the best fit for you and your personality.

Experienced Trial Attorney
If your family law matter involves child custody, spousal support, or significant property division, you need an experienced trial attorney. Mr. Davis has extensive courtroom experience and client testimonials to back it up.

Reviews & Testimonials
We rely heavily on referrals from clients and believe that our testimonials over the years speak for themselves.  If you would like to read some online testimonials, please visit Yahoo or Google to read what some of our prior clients have to say. We also encourage you to ask other attorneys in our legal community in which we do business on a regular basis.


Practice Areas Include:

  Child Support

  ♦  Enforcement
   Probate & Wills
   Grandparent Rights


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